Nancy Peña is the Founder and Director of Colores Latinos TV, (CLTV). Peña lives in Lowell since 2008 and produce bilingual content to educate communities about health prevention, resources, and cultural awareness for LTC since 2011. Nancy is an active member of the Latino Lowell community with a background in journalism
and health services. She is a journalist by profession and have a strong background as an Oncology Patient Navigator working for more than 15 years at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
(DFCI) as well. As a journalist, she directs CLTV, since 2011. CLTV is a bilingual monthly television show broadcasted on several local channels. CLTV's mission is to educate and inform about health, prevention awareness, and different topic that impact our communities in the Merrimack Valley, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Peña had the honor to work closely with health facilities such as Lowell Community Health Center LCHC to bring vital information to our communities about health issues. In January, she worked with Dr. Luis Velez to educate the Latinx community about COVID-19.

In addition, Peña has the honor to receive the following awards:
- 2021 “Outstanding Guatemalan” from Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate/City of Lynn”

- 2021 Best of Underserve Voices Independent Producer at the National Hometown Media
Award by The Alliance for Community Media

- 2019 3er Place/ Community Impact by Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region

- 2015 2nd Place/ School Educational by the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region

- 2012 Best Show by Lowell Telecommunication Corporation LTC


In 2017-2018, she developed a Spanish curriculum to provide production classes in Spanish at LTC due to the need to have more diverse content in the community. As an Oncology Patient Navigator, she worked at DFCI since 2005, serving underserved communities to support patients with educational materials about Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer Prevention. She also develops protocols for staff members and patients to access
and navigate the health care system, communicate better with providers, and finish treatment on time.

Besides, Pena supports other producers locally and internationally to broadcast CLTV their shows to enhance our educational content.